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XenAPI Classes

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Xen-api class diagram

Classes, Fields and Messages

Classes have both fields and messages. Messages are either implicit or explicit where an implicit message is one of:

  • a constructor (usually called "create");
  • a destructor (usually called "destroy");
  • "get_by_name_label";
  • "get_by_uuid"
  • "get_record"; and
  • "get_all".

Explicit messages include all the rest, more class-specific messages (e.g. "VM.start", "VM.clone")

Every field has at least one accessor depending both on its type and whether it is read-only or read-write. Accessors for a field named "X" would be a proper subset of:

  • set_X: change the value of field X (only if it is read-write);
  • get_X: retrieve the value of field X;
  • add_to_X: add a key/value pair (only if field has type set or map); and
  • remove_from_X: remove a key (only if a field has type set or map).