API for configuring the udhcp server in Dom0

This API allows you to configure the DHCP service running on the Host Internal Management Network (HIMN). The API configures a udhcp daemon residing in Dom0 and alters the service configuration for any VM using the network.

It should be noted that for this reason, that callers who modify the default configuration should be aware that their changes may have an adverse affect on other consumers of the HIMN.

Version history

Date        State
----        ----
2013-3-15   Stable

Stable: this API is considered stable and unlikely to change between software version and between hotfixes.

API description

The API for configuring the network is based on a series of other_config keys that can be set by the caller on the HIMN XAPI network object. Once any of the keys below have been set, the caller must ensure that any VIFs attached to the HIMN are removed, destroyed, created and plugged.


The first IP address in the desired subnet that the caller wishes the DHCP service to use.


The last IP address in the desired subnet that the caller wishes the DHCP service to use.


The subnet mask for each of the issues IP addresses.


A boolean key for disabling the DHCP server from returning a default gateway for VMs on the network. To disable returning the gateway address set the key to True.

Note: By default, the DHCP server will issue a default gateway for those requesting an address. Setting this key may disrupt applications that require the default gateway for communicating with Dom0 and so should be used with care.

Example code

An example python extract of setting the config for the network:

def get_himn_ref():
    networks = session.xenapi.network.get_all_records()
    for ref, rec in networks.iteritems():
        if 'is_host_internal_management_network' \
                                        in rec['other_config']:                                            
            return ref

    raise Exception("Error: unable to find HIMN.")

himn_ref = get_himn_ref()
other_config = session.xenapi.network.get_other_config(himn_ref)

other_config['ip_begin'] = ""
other_config['ip_end'] = ""
other_config['netmask'] = ""

session.xenapi.network.set_other_config(himn_ref, other_config)

An example for how to disable the server returning a default gateway:

himn_ref = get_himn_ref()
other_config = session.xenapi.network.get_other_config(himn_ref)

other_config['ip_disable_gw'] = True

session.xenapi.network.set_other_config(himn_ref, other_config)