Design Docs Index

Here is a collection of design docs that formed the process of a feature’s creation/revision.

These are likely to be more technical in nature and may include more justification of design decisions than the other docs on this site.

Key: Revision Proposed Confirmed Released (vA.B) Unrecognised status
Backtrace support v1 Confirmed
Multiple Cluster Managers v2 confirmed
Improving snapshot revert behaviour v1 confirmed
SR-Level RRDs v11 confirmed
Aggregated Local Storage and Host Reboots v3 proposed
Code Coverage Profiling v2 proposed
Distributed database v1 proposed
Specifying Emulated PCI Devices v1 proposed
FCoE capable NICs v3 proposed
Local database v1 proposed
Management Interface on VLAN v3 proposed
Multiple device emulators v1 proposed
OCFS2 storage v1 proposed
patches in VDIs v1 proposed
PCI passthrough support v1 proposed
RRDD plugin protocol v3 v1 proposed
Pool-wide SSH v1 proposed
Schedule Snapshot Design v2 proposed
thin LVHD storage v3 proposed
Process events from xenopsd in a timely manner v1 proposed
XenPrep v2 proposed
Tunnelling API design v1 released (5.6 FP1)
Heterogeneous pools v1 released (5.6)
Bonding Improvements design v1 released (6.0)
GPU pass-through support v1 released (6.0)
Emergency Network Reset Design v1 released (6.0.2)
Integrated GPU passthrough support v3 released (6.5 SP1)
GRO and other properties of PIFs v1 released (6.5)
RRDD archival redesign v1 released (7,0)
CPU feature levelling 2.0 v7 released (7.0)
GPU support evolution v3 released (7.0)
RRDD plugin protocol v2 v1 released (7.0)
VGPU type identifiers v1 released (7.0)
Virtual Hardware Platform Version v1 released (7.0)
SMAPIv3 v1 released (7.6)
RDP control v2 released (XenServer 6.5 SP1)