Class: USB_group

A group of compatible USBs across the resource pool


PUSB ref set PUSBs [RO/runtime]
VUSB ref set VUSBs [RO/runtime]
string name_description [RW]
string name_label [RW]
(string → string) map other_config [RW]
string uuid [RO/runtime]


void add_to_other_config (session ref, USB_group ref, string, string)
USB_group ref create (session ref, string, string, (string → string) map)
void destroy (session ref, USB_group ref)
PUSB ref set get_PUSBs (session ref, USB_group ref)
VUSB ref set get_VUSBs (session ref, USB_group ref)
USB_group ref set get_all (session ref)
(USB_group ref → USB_group record) map get_all_records (session ref)
USB_group ref set get_by_name_label (session ref, string)
USB_group ref get_by_uuid (session ref, string)
string get_name_description (session ref, USB_group ref)
string get_name_label (session ref, USB_group ref)
(string → string) map get_other_config (session ref, USB_group ref)
USB_group record get_record (session ref, USB_group ref)
string get_uuid (session ref, USB_group ref)
void remove_from_other_config (session ref, USB_group ref, string)
void set_name_description (session ref, USB_group ref, string)
void set_name_label (session ref, USB_group ref, string)
void set_other_config (session ref, USB_group ref, (string → string) map)