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Status released (7.6)
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Xapi accesses storage through “plugins” which currently use a protocol called “SMAPIv1”. This protocol has a number of problems:

  1. the protocol has many missing features, and this leads to people using the XenAPI from within a plugin, which is racy, difficult to get right, unscalable and makes component testing impossible.

  2. the protocol expects plugin authors to have a deep knowledge of the Xen storage datapath (tapdisk, blkback etc) and the storage.

  3. the protocol is undocumented.

We shall create a new revision of the protocol (“SMAPIv3”) to address these problems.

The following diagram shows the new control plane:

Storage control plane

Requests from xapi are filtered through the existing storage_access layer which is responsible for managing the mapping between VM VBDs and VDIs.

Each plugin is represented by a named queue, with APIs for

  • querying the state of each queue
  • explicitly cancelling or replying to messages

Legacy SMAPIv1 plugins will be processed via the existing storage_access.SMAPIv1 module. Newer SMAPIv3 plugins will be handled by a new xapi-storage-script service.

The SMAPIv3 APIs will be defined in an IDL format in a separate repo.


The xapi-storage-script will run as a service and will

  • use inotify to monitor a well-known path in dom0
  • when a directory is created, check whether it contains storage plugins by executing a Plugin.query
  • assuming the directory contains plugins, it will register the queue name and start listening for messages
  • when messages from xapi or the CLI are received, it will generate the SMAPIv3 .json message and fork the relevant script.


The IDL will support

  • documentation for all functions, parameters and results
    • this will be extended to be a XenAPI-style versioning scheme in future
  • generating hyperlinked HTML documentation, published on github
  • generating libraries for python and OCaml
    • the libraries will include marshalling, unmarshalling, type-checking and command-line parsing and help generation

Diagnostic tools

It will be possible to view the contents of the queue associated with any plugin, and see whether

  • the queue is being served or not (perhaps the xapi-storage-script has crashed)
  • there are unanswered messages (perhaps one of the messages has caused a deadlock in the implementation?)

It will be possible to

  • delete/clear queues/messages
  • download a message-sequence chart of the last N messages for inclusion in bugtools.

Anatomy of a plugin

The following diagram shows what a plugin would look like:

Anatomy of a plugin


Please read the current SMAPIv3 documentation.